Beauty Drops - Tincture
Beauty Drops - Tincture
Beauty Drops - Tincture

Beauty Drops - Tincture

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The Illuminator. Revealing natural radiance and glow through potent Australian native phytocompounds.

Ingredients — 100ML 

Kakadu plum, Muntries, Quondong, Davidson Plum, Raw Local Honey.

Active Benefits -

Native Australian bush foods long valued for their nutritional properties, harvested by local communities. 

Tips & Use -

20 drops daily into water, tea, juice, elixir of choice or under the tongue.


How is the dosage measured?

Doses are in ‘drops’. The bottles come with a glass dropper ~ so they are easy to drop under the tongue or add to water, tea or an elixir.

The dose seems low, can I increase it?

These doses are recommended minimums to reap the benefits of the herbal ingredients. Start here and increase slowly if you like.

Why do they contain alcohol?

Alcohol is a brilliant extractor of active constituents from plants. As the doses are only in ml, there are no negative health effects to your body from the alcohol. However caution must be taken if alcohol is trying to be avoided.

Do they have a flavour?

They taste herbal! The alcohol is present, the honey takes the edge off yet doesn't add noticeable sweetness.

Why do they contain honey?

This magical honey from the Perry Farm not only enhances the actions of the plant medicines (as per traditional Ayurvedic medicines) and improves palatability, but also brings a medicinal profile of its own!