Beeswax Pillar Candles

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Our pillar candles are handmade by the Apiary Made team. They produces a subtle honey smell when burned and a soft, warm glow. Due to the amazing properties of organic beeswax, these pillar candles are also hypoallergenic, helping to purify and clean the air.


As well as being all natural, beeswax candles have some lovely benefits:

Light - beeswax candles produce a light closest to natural sunlight, so burn to achieve a bright and pure light.

Non drip - beeswax candles are naturally non drip, meaning less mess and waste. Of course, they may drip if moved or tipped while burning.

Neutralising- when burned beeswax candles produce negative ions which help to neutralise pollutants in the air

How to use: 

These beeswax pillar candles are packaged in a beautiful card box for protection.

We recommend using a spike to hold the candle upright while lighting. 

Apiary Beeswax Pillar candles are slightly larger than normal pillar candles and may not fit in smaller candle holders. Please take note of dimensions below.


Height – 21cm Diameter – 3cm approx 

Bundle of two Pillar Candles

Apiary Made pillar candles will provide you with approximately 20 hours of burn time.



100% Pure Beeswax, Cotton Wick

Apiary have their own sustainable apiaries in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, which they ethically farm to produce their products.

Note: Candle holder not included