Moody Massage Oil

Moody Massage Oil

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A soothing belly rub for that time of the month.
Just look at our reviews to see how our Moody Massage Oil has helped customers have a more peaceful moon cycle.

Massage this blend onto your stomach/womb area, lower back or wherever you feel would be comforting for your body during this time of release and heightened emotions.

TIP: Add heat to strengthen effects & even a cup of chamomile tea

SIZE: 50mL/NET 1.69 fl oz (Bottle)


All Made by Mars products are are made in small batches in a Melbourne kitchen, with all natural ingredients from the earth & using current research studies to best address what you are seeking to soothe in yourself. Made by Mars only puts the best vibrations into your products! So you better believe there is plenty of dancing, love & intention stirred into every batch!   


DISCLAIMER: Health begins from the inside, for any reoccurring and painful symptoms please consult your health professional. This massage oil is a gentle & natural addition to your health routine.

CAUTION: All products are made in a kitchen used for everyday cooking. Separate utensils are used for products and all surfaces are cleaned, but there may be traces of dairy, nuts, gluten, fruit, veg, etc.


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