Raw Beeswax Dovecote Candle -Small
Raw Beeswax Dovecote Candle -Small

Raw Beeswax Dovecote Candle -Small

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Carefully handmade in Australia by an Aussie artisan, using old fashioned, traditional chandlery skills that are hundreds of years old.


  • Size: Approx. size - 10cm x 4cm 
  • Burn T8ime - Approx 20 hours
  • Scent: No fragrances added. Only the natural, subtle beeswax aroma to enjoy.
  • Materials: Australian beeswax is the cleanest in the world, only local beeswax direct from the beekeeper is used. All cotton, square braid wick specifically designed for beeswax candles.
  • Care: Keep wick trimmed at 5mm after each use.

You may notice your candles differ slightly in appearance, colour and scent. This is due to the seasonal nature of beeswax and because each candle is specially handmade.