The Story


Hi legends, I’m Amy, Born and raised in Melbourne.
I’m a thrift-shopping, homewares-loving, Jesus-following Mum to an 11yo rock star with golden hair and a heart to match. As a bohemian who has always felt out of place in my generation, Hendrix and Queen are my rock stars. Flares and Penny lane coats epitomise my style. 
I have no time for fast fashion, and all the time and patience for finding delicious vintage threads and homewares. After years of honing my treasure-hunting skills, I felt the call to use my thrifting powers for the greater good, so I took a big leap of faith and decided to share my vintage treasures with the world.
Revival Republic takes inspiration from the natural colour palette of the outback - earthy browns, sun scorched reds, mustards, sand beige and signature vintage leathers and blazers.
This is your invitation to join the rebellion. Support small business, love the planet and give the power to the people.
Damn the man – shop vintage.